#320 Jester Instructions

August 5, 2022
And now you just follow these instructions.


Chicky Fluffballs, the giant ball-shaped bird with long legs is standing in the distance in a city scenery. In the foreground, we see Yacker the jester standing on top of a tower of jesters. Yacker looks scared and his legs are shaking.

Same scene as before. Has Chicky come a bit closer?
One of the jesters forming the tower: “Hey, Yacker. What next?”
Yacker: “Oh, umm… yes! The instructions! Umm…”

Same scene as before. Yup, Chicky is now even closer.
Yacker: “#66, uhh… #41? No, #69.”
Another jester: “Nice! Let’s do it!”

Same scene, except Chicky is now blocking the whole view with her giant body. She is staring at Yacker.
Yacker: “Yes! We definitely do #58! Unless my eyes deceive me.”
All jesters in unison: “YACKER!”
Yacker: “Calm your peepers! I’m still in the process of deciphering. Yes, that is most definitely #77.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Take your time, Yacker.

Take your time.