#319 Jester Tower

July 29, 2022
It’s not the stately tower, yet it’s quite stately.


Chicky Fluffballs, a giant fluffy bird with long legs, is raising the roof of the house and peeking inside, wondering where a ringing bell had gone. The inhabitant of the house is hanging for their dear life from the edge of the raised roof. A couple of more owl people are running in panic.

We zoom in on Chicky's face. She gets distracted by loud shouting.
Mysterious shout: “Look at me! Way up high! Over here! In a tree!”

Chicky looks at a mysterious pillar in the distance. A single person can be seen standing on top of the pillar.
Mysterious shouts from the pillar continue: “Wake up! Wake up! Who’s awake? Me too!”

We zoom in on the pillar and it turns out to be a tower of jesters! They are standing on top of each other's shoulders and in a circle formation to make a tall and loud tower. The single person on top standing on shaky legs.
Jesters: “Drink your teeee! Too wheee! Chick-a-dee-dee-dee! Purty-purty-purty! Who cooks for you?! Who cooks for you aalllll?! Chip! Quick! Quick! Jay! Jay! Jay! Jay! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Did you think the jesters could sing?

Theoretically, they can.

Except it’s just bird mnemonics.