#157 Jesterly Reports

June 28, 2019
Just a bunch of jesters looking for their old outfits.


From Barry’s ‘I lost my stuff’ report:
“Got kicked off from the tower. Returned to HQ to get my guard uniform back.”

From Chucka’s ‘I lost my stuff’ report:
“The Handle-holder (Horatie) said the uniforms were misplaced, and to go rummage the storeroom for extras.”

From Trefal’s ‘I lost my stuff’ report:
“Commenced agendum #45 in the storeroom to maximise effort.”

From Mertimer’s ‘insufficient guard clothing’ report:
“As per results from quadrupled agendum #45 performed within the premises, we conclude that there are no guard uniforms left in the storeroom.”

“I hereby swear this report to be right and true, and not deceit or falsehood. Should I be lying, may I be visited by the monster under the bed, and may she strike me with ever-sleeplessness by means of toe-ticklery.”

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Gheralf says:

It feels strange that we could find a bunch of reports, but any documents or handbooks detailing these “agendums” (agenda?) have not come to our attention. Perhaps they were only taught by word-of-beak?

We can only assume that the aforementioned “agendum #45” contains some kind of speedy rummaging.


Vayandil says:

These reports were boring and hard to read, so I did the illustrations quickly to get the comic over with so that I could get back to what was more important: grocery lists! I never knew they archived so many of them, but good thing they did! They are a window to the outside world; what stuff exists out there and how many of them people have planned to buy.

Hehe… Someone needed exactly 2 and 3/24 gareus loads of pick 'n' mix bug snacks. Shame they don't sell them loose anymore. I always want to eat 6 of them, not 10 that is the smallest packet. I have to empty the box in one go, there's no other way!

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

Hey, psst. Don’t tell anyone, but... there’s a sneaky way to tip your toes into current Piffhood, if you catch my drift.

The SpiderForest Kickstarter for “Threads: Haunted” comic book anthology is going until 12th July. The anthology contains many short comics, one even made by Gheralf & Vayandil. Here’s a little teaser image:

Oh, about the backdoor to becoming the Lord of the Realm?

*looks around warily*

Have a look at that “Lord of the Wings” reward tier.