#324 Jesters Against Wall

September 2, 2022
You’ve met the wall. Now, it’s time to overcome it.


A tower of jesters is speeding past. Yacker the jester stands on top and points a finger at the distance.
Yacker: “And now, everyone: #333-y’all.”
Unknown jester: “Wow, really?”
Second unknown jester: “#333..? With this many dolts!?”
Third unknown jester: “Don’t be a baby! Let’s do this!”

The whole tower of jesters wobbles and bends forward as the bottom circle halts their running with a screech. They stop just before a tall brick wall.

The whole tower falls down, as the jesters on top raise their hands in anticipation. Yacker is still alone on top of everyone, attempting to partake in what is coming.
Jesters: “#333: SLIIIIIIIIINK!”

The tower has bent over the wall in a U-shape. The top jesters slam their hands onto the ground to take on the weight. Yacker, however, fails and his face slams to the ground.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Yes, the jesters sometimes call themselves “dolts”.