#316 Jesters Assemble

July 8, 2022
Assemble! Oh, you’re all here? Good, good.


Low angle shot of Sharpie the undercover detective opening a door to a headquarters.
Narration: “Honest Headquarters of Das Law Enforcement Party (DLEP)”
Sharpie: “Jesters! Assemble!”

A room full of jesters is frozen in place and looking back at Sharpie. They have been in the middle of various activities: dressing a chicken in jester clothes, dancing and sitting around and drawing on the wall (while a guard is cleaning the previous drawings). One jester has been ripping away at a piece of paper with their beak.

Same shot as before, but Yacker the jester has interrupted the scene.
Yacker: “Oh, goody! Is it meeting time? The Chairs-Responsible is a bit peckish though...”
Chairs-Responsible keeps munching the piece of paper.

View moves to show Sharpie striding out of the headquarters as jesters look back.
Sharpie: “Yer meeting’s canceled. Gather at the yard.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Don’t be like that, Sharpie.

You can sleep in the meeting, like most of your fellow DLEP simpletons.