#325 Jesters Beyond Wall

September 9, 2022
The wall has been avoided. That’s good.


A tall tower formed of jesters has flung its top over the wall and now the bottom side is flinging itself over it. Think about Slinky and how it moves. There's an owl person hanging out on top of the wall, watching the spectacle.
Some jester: “C’mon, we can do it!”

The bottom part of the tower successfully swings over and lands its multitude of feet onto the ground. The top part, which has been taking the weight on its multitude of hands, starts to rise from the ground.

Slinky-style maneuver is complete and the top part raises to the top again, albeit a bit imperfectly. The legs start to run frantically to move the whole tower forward.
Yacker: “And now, carry on with #8-y’all.”
Multiple jesters: “#8, Get-outta-town!”

We move to see a close up of the top of the tower. The wall is seen in the background, a new hole being kicked to it by Chicky Fluffballs, the giant ball-shaped long-legged bird.
Chicky: “AAAAAAAA!”
Jester #1: “Dude, my hands are mush.”
Jester #2: “YAS!”
Jester #3: “It wasn’t as scary as I’d imagined!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

That was quite a feat, even I must admit.

I say they have deserved a heartful applaud.

Join me, dear reader. Let us applaud.

*clap clap clap*