#323 Jesters Find Wall

August 26, 2022
I can see a problem approaching.


A bunch of jesters, with Yacker the jester standing on top of them, are zooming through a city. Following behind them, the giant ball-shaped and long-legged bird, Chicky Fluffballs is dancing frantically and kicking houses into the air.
Yacker: “Oh! I can see my house from here!”
Jester: “Yacker! What about the wall?”

Camera turns to look at a wall in the distance. It has a hole that has been blocked by something.
Yacker: “Huh.”

We zoom in on the wall, revealing three owl people fixing the hole in the wall. One of the owls seems to be the master builder; sleeping on a garden chair and pointing orders to the other two. Second owl is on the ground placing planks, while the third owl is on top of the wall dropping tiles to fill the hole. The latter two owls have already noticed the jesters running towards them.

Camera returns to Yacker and the other jesters. Yacker is eyeing a piece of paper very carefully. Chicky keeps dancing closer and closer…
Yacker: “Uhh… Hold on, I think there were instructions for this…”
Jesters. “YACKER!”
Yacker: “Calm your peepers. Sheesh. What is up with you guys today?”
Chicky: “AAAAAAAA!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Is this the end of the line for our whimsical tower?

I wouldn’t worry about it too much.