#326 Jesters Looking Back

September 16, 2022
This is a comic about tables.


The tower of jesters is still running away from Chicky Fluffballs, the giant ball-shaped and long-legged bird. They are going through the slums as the topmost jester, Yacker, is straightening his jester hat after a clash with the ground in the previous pages of the comic.
Jester #1: “Ugh, it’s the slums…”
Jester #2: “TABLES!”

Same camera angle as before, but Chicky and the tower have progressed through the slums. Chicky is dancing through an arrangement of tables that have been set up on the street for some reason. All the tables are occupied by pairs of owls sitting opposite to each other. Yacker straightens a piece of paper between his hands and suddenly turns his head to look behind him.
Jester #1: “Whew, dodged ’em!”
Jester #2: “Oh no, the tables!”

We zoom closer to Yacker, to see him staring very intensely at the approaching giant ball-bird. Except he's actually looking at a tiny spec in the distance. What is it?
Jester #2: “Poor tables.”

We zoom in on the tiny spec, and see Sharpie the undercover detective standing on top of a flimsy wooden watchtower. Looks like he is army-saluting, hand hovering over his brow.

The authors have nothing to say today.