#318 Jesters Transform

July 22, 2022
It’s morphing time!


Sharpie the undercover detective standing in the foreground, drawing something on a large sheet of paper. Yacker the jester is walking in the background. A large crowd of jesters stand farther away.
Sharpie: “Yacker, #2-1.”
Yacker: “#2-1, I’ll-just-step-aside-and-let-others-handle-this!”

Same shot continues.
Sharpie: “#13-12!”
Jesters: “#13-12, Pillar-of-jest!”
A group of jesters form a pillar by standing on each other's shoulders.

Same shot continues.
Sharpie: “#15-11!”
Jesters: “#15-11, We’ll-just-copy-what-those-guys-are-doing!”
More jesters have formed similar pillars that stand in a row.

Commands keep going off screen.
Sharpie: “#24-y’all!”
Jesters: “#24, Let’s-hold-hands!”
Sharpie: “#64-y’all!”
Jesters: “#64, We-used-to-be-a-row-now-we-are-circle!”
Sharpie: “Bottom row, #1010-12!”
Jesters: “#1010-12, Warm-up-footsies-for-dancery!”
Sharpie: “#19-y’all!”
Jesters: “#19, Let’s-start-singing-from-the-next-one!”

Sharpie has finished his drawing and is handing it to Yacker.
Sharpie: “Nice. Now, Yacker, take this and get up there. Then just #3-y’all.”
Yacker is shocked by the height of the tower of jesters.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

So what’s positure #3?

I’ll let you figure it out.

With a hint, of course. I’m not a monster.

It has something to do with the paper.