#124 Jollyhoot

November 9, 2018
A loved word has many meanings. Most which are now obsolete.


jollyhoot [noun]
(obsolete) ~ a person living the ideal lifestyle, balancing work and freetime
Example: “Steve is a prime sample of a jollyhoot! Be like Steve!”

jollyhoot [noun]
(current) ~ a person of dislikable features, a slacker, a fishy person, a suspiciously happy person, someone who annoys the hoot out of you
Example: “I don’t trust Steve, he’s some kind of a jollyhoot.”

jollyhoot multipurpose toy and device [noun]
(archaic) ~ a wonderful toy, very big deal with children, buy it now get 3 for 2
Example: “A jollyhoot multipurpose toy and device! Whee!”



Gheralf says:

I like how you can find all sort of nonsensical old words and monikers from reading old dictionaries.

Like, what kind of name is “Steve” anyway? So silly.


Vayandil says:

Even with the current meaning of the word “jollyhoot”, that face on the age-old wooden plaque is a real jollyhoot in my opinion. In fact, it would be hard to get any more a jollyhoot than that! It will probably mock me in my dreams tonight.