#130 Jollyhoot Revolution

December 21, 2018
It’s not a revolution, mom! It’s a REVOLUTION!


So, what was going on with the jollyhoots in the meanwhile? Well…

Jollyhootery had become a farce. An analogue for laziness and total uselessness. People demanded change!

Their whole lifestyle was overhauled.
Name: jollyhoot MEDIAN!
Purpose: (Actively and productively) balancing your work and free time. (But no lazy!)



Gheralf says:

So we found a “revised lifestyle manifesto”, which had the aforementioned changes very enthusiasticly written to it. Changes in history sure appear in the strangest forms.

Also, it is a good thing not all jollyhoot placards were completely destroyed in fires. Otherwise we could not have demonstrated the one shown in comic #124. Granted, the copy we found was not wholly intact, so we had to ask some people about what the missing parts contained (a sippy mug). Only a bit later we only later found out that almost everything back then was done in squared shapes, including the sippy mugs...


Vayandil says:

Our dive into the history of jollyhoot (and Buffet) has finally lead us to the events that were caused by the jollyhoot word getting a very negative meaning. We will delve into the actual reasons in the next comic.