#132 Jollyhoot Wall Out

January 4, 2019
This comic is historically accurate, but has no relation to actual events.


In the wake of jollyhoot revolution, Steve was kicked out of town. Many saw a chance to kick out some other annoying individuals as well.

Steve and the others believed it was just a temporary tantrum.
Steve: “They’ll calm down and call us back soon.”

Days turned into weeks, and the fence fell into a shadow of a mighty wall, but Steve and the others weren’t in a rush.
Steve: “We got a roof, food and good company. Waiting has never been better!”



Gheralf says:

Steve was one optimistic jollyhoot-turned-hobo-back-when-jollyhoots-turned-into-medians.

Maybe we should all take a page from Steve and live a simpler, happier life?


Vayandil says:

The jollyhoot history journey has now taken us to the outskirts of the old Buffet! I have to say I never thought we would make this many comics about the history of a single word. This all has been valuable info on how Buffet became what it is today. So, thanks to you who asked about jollyhoot some comics ago! And also Piff who threw that pigeon.