#207 La Glamorous Pits

June 12, 2020
Pits. Roosts. Eh, same thing.


After a quick detour, we have finally made it to the second village, La Glamorous Pits!

This village is much greener and livelier than The Burrows. Assistant reporter Cacko will now show you into a local residence!

Within we find two chatty chickens in the center of a beautiful bed of... Cacko, you okay?

“Hello. Did you know you can be an official citizen of Buffet?”

Tell me more!

Gheralf says:

The village is called La Glamorous Pits, so I guess the dwellings are the “pits” and they are “glamorous”.

But what in the realm is that “La”?


Vayandil says:

The climate of the Plains of Many Plains has been quite dry and dusty so far, so it is very refreshing to breathe more moist air for once. Apparently the chickens cultivate the land to keep their village green and flowery. We need to investigate how they do it!