#226 Lamenting Chicky

October 23, 2020
When in doubt, lament your problems.


We are finally out,
and our eyes opened
to Chicky’s tragedy.

She sits there, waiting.
For what?

Who knows.

Not a tear flows down.
She has none left
to give to her dreams.

Sitting there – that is all she can.
Eternally on Fluff Highway
gazing at land
she can never reach.

Truly, there is no fate sadder than that of Chicky Fluf...

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Gheralf says:

... never mind all that, I guess.


Vayandil says:

Sometimes toilsome situations make Gheralf want to whip out his inner poet. And when he does that, I do not have the heart to stop him.

Hopefully his creation was at least enjoyable?

Oh, and prepare to see Piff with some fan mail next. We need some time to extract ourselves from this fluff.