#180 Leaving Derby Ranch

December 6, 2019
The journey continues, with some pauses to make sure nothing gets left behind.


It is time to leave the Derby Ranch behind. Fifi even packed us with supplies and complimentary stuff. Apparently our journalistic work had doubled his sales!

Our next destination: Plains of Two Villages, in the southeast! (plus one curious Plain old Plain sitting inside it)

Wait, stop! Stop stooop!

Got to wait for our complimentary chick.


Gheralf says:

After Fifi gave us our supply boxes, we noticed that one of the kids had drawn derby faces on them.

I don’t know if the kid was grumpy or proud when we took his drawings away with us.

... these faces are pretty well drawn, too.


Vayandil says:

After our previous mistake of tying Cacko on our steed, I made sure she is now safely not tied into anything.

Now she can hop off anytime things go haywire!