#364 Leaving the Fogies

June 9, 2023
Goodbye, old fogies.


Lordish Secretary places three skulls on the window sill of her office. A pigeon stands next to one of the skulls, looking at it. Das Attendant is speaking off-panel.
Das Attendant: “I think we may need some kind of a catalog. Belli, where have you put your glue?”

Having placed the skulls, Lordish Secretary stands silently. Das Attendant appears behind her, carrying various items in their hands and shoulders.
Das Attendant: “String! Fan! Appliers! Paper! And I found the glue! I think that’s everyth– Belli, are you ready too?”

Lordish Secretary (now carrying a stack of papers) and Das Attendant leave the office. Pigeon and the skulls are in visible in the foreground.
Das Attendant: “I’m so glad you’re here. Everything is so much easier when you’re around!”

Same shot as in the previous panel. The pigeon has sat on top of one of the skulls. In the background, a fight for the throne is raging.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Be honest here, Bellif.

You just wanted more decorations on your window.