#202 Leg of the Burrows

May 8, 2020
This is the Burrows. This is the leg. It’s the leg of the Burrows.


A sharp reader may have noticed a peculiar feature in our map:
(... No, not the question marked huts, but this “stretching leg of the Burrows”.)
Indeed, the village is slowly being built towards the eastern village along the southernmost border!

Here at the very end of the “leg” we have two observers. They have been tasked to explore the other village.

... It’s still a bit too far to see what is going on over there. Maybe extend the “leg” a bit further?

Or maybe take a derby and go find out! We might as well do them a favor for the hospitality we got!
“Be sure to read our comics to find out what’s over there!”


Gheralf says:

Now that I think about it, I didn’t notice any runic tablets in the village. How are they supposed to read our comic?!

Guess we’ll just have to send a paper print to them later.


Vayandil says:

The top box is empty, but we did not want to get rid of it since Cacko loves it so much. It is the perfect shield against Mulperry's flower shower.