#7 Lesser Owls

August 11, 2016
We travel to the Puny Swamp and hang out with some lesser owls!


These birds are called lesser owls. They are fast and efficient predators, able to hunt prey many times their own size.

They are kind of like us, except smaller and more secretive. Most of them live in the nearby Puny Swamp. They are seen far more frequently than their bigger cousins, the greater owls.

To give you an estimate of their size, here’s a banana to scale.
Hey! Don’t eat it!


Gheralf says:

It must be tough living in the swamp where there is not nearly as much to eat as within the city. Maybe that is why they’ve had to learn to hunt such big beasts. Adorable little creatures! Strangely enough, they seem completely harmless towards any adventurers.

We managed to gather a bunch of them onto a small clearing. This allowed us to study them for a while. They were surprisingly docile, allowing us even to grab and carry them around.

Some of them assumed stances we think are used for intimidation. Perhaps they were a bit scared? Also some of them seemed to have dark spots in the back of their heads, almost resembling a pair of eyes.


Vayandil says:

Drawing these little fellows accurately became a lot easier when I got to see them close. We made a long trip around the swamp and I got lots of data about their looks. Because even though many of our people share a lot of similarities with wild owls, we do not necessarily have the details they have. For example, I have seen no person with eye-like spots on the back of their head. And I supposedly do not have the spots either, at least that is what everyone I asked has told me. I would like to see it myself, but I cannot get a clear vision no matter how fast I turn my head in front of The Mirror of Buffet.