#109 Liberator versus Collector

July 27, 2018
This owl comes with its own halberd. And another one. And another. And a bunch of other stuff, too!

Gheralf says:

Halberds! Though I do not know if you are supposed to throw them around like that. (Too bad they missed!)

Another spell! I guess it is for protection? The Beast Lord sure seems to be intimidated by it, hopping around like that!

And that is the infamous glass sword! It breaks upon impact, but also breaks whatever it touches with it! (Too bad it missed!)

And... and..! I’m not sure what that last one is, but it seems to be working!


Vayandil says:

Gheralf's inner fan is really on the loose now... But then he somehow fails to recognize a plain old mop, when it is swung around as a weapon.

I have to admit, Aviatar's fighting looks very impressive. It inspired me to draw a special kind of comic and I am satisfied at the result! Feels so good to outdo myself every now and then, especially since I like challenging myself with speedlines and action poses, not to mention the close-up drawings of the items and different kinds of materials they are made of.