#390 Light Through Darkness

December 8, 2023
Make a gate to call a blond shiny guy.


A black, glimmering portal stands in the middle, as guards and Sharpie the detective look at it.

A silhouette of a walking figure with a long hoe in hand appears in the middle of the portal. Sharpie rises his hand to above his eyes, as if saluting someone. The guard beside him looks at him questioningly as the other guards leans to peek inside the portal.

The silhouette comes through the gate and is revealed to be "The Aviatar", a literal shining hero, clad in a tunic with a printed symbol, somewhat resembling an ankh. The Aviatar shines so brightly that the guards shield their eyes in panic.

View zooms into Sharpie's face. He is still shielding his eyes from the bright light.
Sharpie: “Beat that.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Before you ask, yes, Sharpie could have summoned The Aviatar to help him at any time.

He didn’t, because he didn’t find our parliament to be big enough of a threat.

That’s what I had to change.