#369 Lofty Victory

July 14, 2023
The lofty have won – but at what cost?


A group of owl people living in a tall tower community, the lofty, are very tired from throwing hundreds, if not thousands of thistle stick spears. One of the lofties throws the last one thistle stick. A baby owl on the side, completely covered in pointy thistles.
Thrower lofty: “That’s the – huff – last stick.”

A tile wall is covered by numerous thistle sticks. Climbing ropes are weaving in between the sticks, upwards and toward the right. A lofty looks at the scene triumphantly.
Thrower lofty: “But we did it! – huff – Hooded guys – huff – turned to – huff – dust!”

Camera zooms into the wall, revealing the climbing ropes all going into a hidden passage. The lofty, however, do not seem to notice it.
Thrower lofty: “huff – So tired.”
Second lofty: “So, how do we resupply the arsenal?”
Third lofty: “I need to lie down.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Smoke and mirrors.

Or in this case, just a convenient hole in the wall.