#23 Longest Reigning Lord of the Realm

December 2, 2016
In order to stay on the throne, you just have to make yourself hard to remove.


Some people finally decided to do something about the ruler changing all the time. They got the biggest boulder they could find and somehow plopped it by the throne.

After a few days of no actual governing happening, people realized that having a rock for a ruler was actually a pretty stupid idea. So they hauled it out.

The boulder now sits on the outskirts of the slums, hanging out with some hobos.


Gheralf says:

According to Das Law anybody or - any thing - can become the Lord of the Realm, as long as the criteria are met.

By now you are probably wondering: what exactly are those criteria? Let us have a closer look next week!


Vayandil says:

Out of all the lord paintings, the "Piff, the Boulder Lord" painting is the most detailed one because the Paint-bearers had a lot of time to immortalize him onto the canvas. So much time, in fact, that they could even give the painting a proper name.

That is why I dedicated more effort on drawing the boulder than anyone else on this comic - to make it at least half as detailed as the lordly painting. Also, the boulder is a very majestic fellow.