#153 Looking for Order

May 31, 2019
You shouldn’t head for a journey of enlightenment on an empty stomach.


The previous lord’s tantrum got the Peacemongers thinking: perhaps pestering the lordship without pause was not the brightest idea?

With yet another worry befuddling their silly little minds, a bunch of guards embarked on a journey to find some order in their life.

But instead, they got distracted by a hip and trendy drinking establishment.

And then by a random little tome in the establishment’s shiny bookshelf.



Gheralf says:

Books used to be comparably rare in those days. But in this establishment, you could just read them from the shelf (assuming you ordered some glup first). We assume ol’ Willai had to run around the town, buying all the books he could find.


Vayandil says:

Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait... Didn't we already have these guys going on journey? *flips pages in rune tablet* We did (comic #147)! Why are we doing this again?

No, actually, I'm glad we did this – we haven't done it before!

My nose and head feel so stuffy...