#149 Lord Is Authority

May 3, 2019
The first Lord's first wish as the Lord is modest, yet relatable.


Peacemongers: “O’ great authority! What you desire?”
Grand Ogler: “umm… i don’t know what’s going on but… uhhhh… ...it’s usually pretty cold up here, so something warm? please?”

Peacemongers: “A GRAND GARB! Citizens, your Lord demands warmth!”

Peacemongers: “HUZZAH! All hail Lord of Buff– No, Lord of the REALM!!!”
Grand Ogler: “...so warm and nice. thanks, friends.”



Gheralf says:

There has been some speculation about the word “Lord”. Some think it is a shortened version of meaningful words like “Lore Recorder” or “Leaf Ward” or “Lo’ Righterous Dumdum”. From our findings (which consist of a bunch of papers with a lot of suggestions on it) it just seems like the Peacemongers tried to come up with a word that emanates authority.

There were many other suggestions. Our favorites of the bunch were “Vorshmack”, “Duke” and “Stoppah”.


Vayandil says:

And here, dear readers, is the very first Lord of the Realm in all her glory! Because of her important position, her appearance and thoughts on various things in life have been documented – most likely by some of the less busy Peacemongers.