#352 Lordish Secretary Is Open

March 17, 2023
This is an open office. It is open.


An owl person wearing a checkered vest and shoes, a key around her neck and face-covering puffy hairstyle (along with a pigeon sitting on top). She sits on the floor and leans back on the brick wall. It is the Lordish Secretary.

View zooms out to show the Secretary's office: locked wardrobe, hanging breast plate, halberd, sparring staves, messy desk, opened letters in piles and scattered about the floor, loads of mail pigeons piling on two little statues. Das Attendant arrives at the scene.

Same view continues. Das Attendant steps in with two mugs of bug snacks in hands.
Lordish Secretary: "What’s up?"
Das Attendant: “Are you open? I need help.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

And there she is. Lordish Secretary is the one that goes through all the fan mail and makes sure they’re safely handed to the current Lord of the Realm.

She also responds to anyone sending fan mail to make sure they know their message was received.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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