#52 Lord's Delegate

June 23, 2017
Somebody has to see that people get their wages.


To oversee all governmental monetary flow, there is a group known as the Lord’s Delegate.

Unlike with Lord of the Realm, members of the Delegate do not change very often.

In fact, we are quite sure the Delegate has never seen any member changes.


Gheralf says:

There are no known records of any changes being made into the Delegate. And yet, the city workers keep getting paid. So we asked around and apparently the old fogeys up there have somehow reanimated themselves, so that they can keep doing their job. That is some dedication.

We did not have time to climb the tower again to make sure if that is the case, but it does sound like a very plausible explanation.


Vayandil says:

Thank you, Clacky, for being a model for the skeletons. His story can be read in comic #27, if you are interested.

There is a very old painting in Stately Tower that depicts the Delegate back when they were still young and perky. The painting was clear enough for me to make few sketches during our visit, in spite of it being old and worn. The rest of the details, including the older versions of the Delegate, I had to make up.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

If you ever liked old fogeys who seem to know how to do their jobs, you might want to meet with Bruno Harm.

Bruno is an old detective who, delightfully, isn’t at all out of touch with what he’s doing. He solves cases he comes by with undeniable experience, and has a wit to match.

Surely there is no harm in checking the comic out.


I’ll just skitter away now...