#252 Map in 64 Pieces

April 23, 2021
Goodbye, self-drawn map. Goodbye!


Well, that is as far as we got in the Plains of Approximately 64 Villages.

Or can it even be called that anymore? It’s in ashes!
So is it now Plains of No Villages?

Plains of Pile of Ash?
Plains of Fleeing Villages?
Plains of Fleeing Villagers?
Formerly Known As Plains of Approximately 64 Villages?

How about: Plains of Good Riddance!

That’s not very descriptive. Umm...

Just Plains East of Higher Plains?

Plains of Good Riddance!


Gheralf says:

At least it seems that pretty much everybody got out.

In fact...

It’s almost like they knew this was going to happen.



Vayandil says:

So much time and effort… Wasted on a map that will never get finished!