#30 Masked Vigilante

January 20, 2017
The Mystery Horse never appears without his theme song.


Even if the city is comparably safe, scoundrels habit the slums and sometimes threaten the common folk. There! An attack on the innocent!

The cry of a trumpet! They know what that means. The scoundrels flee in terror!

A masked vigilante has appeared! With that, his troupe glides back into the night.


Gheralf says:

Must be nice having your personal troubadours with you. I wish I had my own theme song playing while writing. Watch out, world! We are making some comics here! Da-bum-ba-tsh… tsh!


Vayandil says:

The Mystery Horse himself described the incident shown in this comic. At first, he tried to tell us much, much more detailed and convoluted stories and I had to tell him many times how they could not possibly fit into less than twenty panels. Finally, this story came up and we could proceed with actually making the comic. Still, we had to leave a lot of stuff out.