#375 Meaning of Art

August 25, 2023
What is the meaning of art? Apparently to bring in more guys.


Sharpie's hands hold a childish drawing of the cloaked revolution leader, Stygian Lord, placing round black rocks on a stone slab pedestal.
Sharpie: “So this piece of art’s just a stone base? And they’re pilin’ more rocks on top of it?”
Top Hat: “Sounds like the rocks’re melting somehow! It’s starting to look like a solid slab!”

Stygian Lord has built the stone slab decidedly bigger. Black-clad owl people walk through the black void on the stone. Small black-cloaked individual greets the newcomers with an excited handwave.
Top Hat: “Bro! Now there’s revolutionists appearing from it!”
Sharpie: “I see. The slab’s revealed its secret.”

Sharpie raises his eyes from the drawing.
Sharpie: “It’s no art at all – it’s a portal! We gotta act before the whole parliament gets through! Tell Team 1 to...”

Guards standing in a staircase get a loud instruction. The guard with the hammer promptly smashes the wall, while others prepare to storm inside. One poor guard, however is distracted by the flying stone debris.

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Portals are not exactly common knowledge, even if DLEP guards and most tourists traversing the Stately Tower end up going through several of them.