#136 Medians Visit Workbirds

February 1, 2019
This comic depicts the beginning, middle and end of a visit.


Fascinated by the workbirds’ exotic skyhigh life, some medians decided to migrate.

Cultural differences made it hard for them to fit in, but that was alright because the medians were eager to adapt.

Except that the workbirds decided to put a stop to any adaptation.
The tower’s open windows invited trouble, so it was time to block them.



Gheralf says:

This sure has been an age of people not getting along with each other. I hope that these last few comics have not been too confusing.


Vayandil says:

We can only guess what exactly the migrating medians did to make the workbirds angry enough to block all the entrances to their settlement. There is at least one record from that era that states, “A skyhigh wooden tower mysteriously fell, a group of people riding its top like it was very fun.”

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

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