#14 Mellow Fluids Operationals

September 29, 2016
Everybody loves a good drink, especially if it’s made out of all your favorite things!

Gheralf says:

So “glup” has basically become synonymous with any self-made drink. People sometimes add adjectives or words to name specific types. This has given birth to variations such as green glup, volatile glup, glup with rat tail and banana roof glup. But even then, the ingredients on those seem to vary from person to person.

Speaking of drinking establishments, it has become a habit for them to have very imaginative names, such as Parched Perch, Sapless Salmon and Peppy Pike. At first it was kind of innovative, but now everyone is doing it in lack of better ideas...

By the way, is anybody wondering, what is the difference between glup and soup? They are both made with random ingredients and water, right? Well, here is an excerpt from Das Law: "Cold is glup. Warm is soup. Warm, then cold, is cold soup."


Vayandil says:

On the second panel, I went and drew two candles. And then spent quite a bit of time making shadows to give an impression of a dark room. At first, I wondered why did I put the candles there, but soon I had to pull myself off of the drawing, or I would have spent even more time making lines everywhere. I want to keep up with the deadlines, or nothing gets finished on time.

I will now go and relax, sipping on a tippy mug of glup.