#190 Mess Burrow

February 14, 2020
In order to eat, you need a place.


This is the “mess burrow”. It looks rather average for an eatery, with tables and all.
Food is prepared and served by this fellow here, Ikilari, better known as the “potmate”.

People line up to get their share. The potmate greets everybody with a friendly peck and a clean plate.

Everybody in this village eats only once a day. At the same place.
At the same time!


Gheralf says:

No wonder everyone here is so small. One has to eat much more often to grow big like us!


Vayandil says:

Silly fellows! That is not how you use the table! In fact, can a table be a table anymore if people sit on it? That is what chairs are for; sitting. So they made a table a chair by sitting on it…


Do not mind me, fellows! You are doing it right!

Big Sister

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