#371 Mysterious Vacant Floor

July 28, 2023
Did you know this tower has entire floors that nobody knows about?


One of Top Hat's spies stares in awe as she finds the black-cloaked revolutionists inside an undiscovered room of the Stately Tower. Near the back wall, there is a crumpled remains of something that looks like a black stone slab.
Top Hat: “My ears discovered an entire undiscovered floor!”

A diagram of the Stately Tower shows the undiscovered floor is located somewhat in the middle of the tower. Team 6 of guards is stationed on the top floor with Sharpie the detective. Team 1 on guards is approaching the revolutionists. There is also a bypass marked near the undiscovered floor.
Sharpie: “What do ya mean ‘undiscovered’? Wouldn’ya need to go through it to get up here?”
Top Hat: “It sounds like there’s a bypass outside the tower! The usual routes go through there!”
Sharpie: “I see.”

We return inside the undiscovered floor. The revolution leader, Stygian Lord, has kneeled to the side of the mysterious crumpled stone and put his hand on it, wearing something that looks like an oven mitten. A small individual, clad in black cloak looks on.
Sharpie: “But he clearly knew about the place. Who is this guy? What’re they plannin’ there?”
Top Hat: “The leader’s now petting a glimmering black piece of art!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Oh, don’t mind us. We’re just here to give this abandoned and forgotten piece of art some much needed love.