#66 Mystery Property

September 29, 2017
This is the enigma of the mystery property.


Inconveniently abandoned items are called “mystery property”.

A bunch of idle detectives appear! They must identify the owner and get them to move the property.

So who is the owner?
Detectives: We just do not know.


Gheralf says:

You see those scribbles drawn by the detectives? They are doing something called “profiling”, which means trying to guess what the owner might look like based on the property they have left behind. How would they be able to figure out something like that? I have no clue.


Vayandil says:

The detective on the first panel better be interested on the tiny footprints because they belong to a sweeper crab. The crabs are regularly spotted scurrying along the streets, occasionally stopping to eat stuff from the ground and then proceeding with their journey. Apparently, every single crab seem to be heading towards the Stately Tower, each skittering along a different route to their mutual destination. It is yet to be revealed, though, why they are headed there.

But the most important question is: where do they get shoes like that?!