#288 No Glup for DLEP

December 24, 2021
No glup? Not even a little bit?


Oman the Detective: “Don’t worry, Tuple. We’ll get our glup. Let’s just go to Savory Sloppery instead.”
Smugastut the Guard: “It won’t do! The grubby gang has OVERTAKEN it! The customers are all thrown out!”
Tuple the Guard: “No glup...”

Smugastut the Guard: “They’re here too! Mellifluous Sap and Aqua Solution are GONERS!”
Tuple the Guard: “Oh noooo!”

Smugastut the Guard: “Look at this! Cultured Elixir, Swilly Nectar, Tunegoop, Mellow Fluids... They’re EVERYWHERE!”

Oman the Detective: “I think we’re going to need to have another meeting.”
Tuple the Guard: “WAAAAAA!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

For the time being, all your glup belongs to us.

It's important that these guys fail to remember that they could just go home and drop a few slices of bananas to a sippy mug and mix it with water.