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March 15, 2024
The comic is right here!


Keeptender, the giant floating hand is recovering from having smashed on a spiked shield. Quackles in the corner whispering to the Keeptender. In the background, the shining hero Aviatar is snatching the lightning whip from Beast Lord's paws. Behind them, an army of guards are leaving the area through the hole in the wall.
Quackles: “Hint: Slamming on a spiked shield hurts! Just do as I tell you!”

Keeptender zooms through the air. The Aviatar notices it.
Quackles: “Hint: Our ammunition is trying to flee! Close the exit!”

The Aviatar pulls a stack of long throwing weapons from his small belt pouch, while keeping enraged Beast Lord back with a halberd.
Beast Lord: “HISS! MROW!”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

The Aviatar sure likes to hoard items he can give or throw around.

I’m not expecting his infinite bag to run out of items during this fight.