#18 Nuggets and Descenders

October 27, 2016
When your coins weigh a ton, you don’t want to have too much!


Lofty have an utterly baffling economy: you get money by buying things, and lose it by working.

Lofty deal in nuggets: lumpcoins made of blackrock (which is really, really heavy).

In fact, owning too much of it gets you into serious trouble.
People who are thrown from the society like this are called “descenders”. Few of them ever return to Inner City.


Gheralf says:

People who are unable to live by this absurd work-to-get-rid-of-your-money system quickly fall out of the lofty society. And unlike with those who fell down accidentally, there is no going back for these people.

On the positive side, this system is the reason why the lofty are so productive. You have to get rid of your money, so you have to keep working. This is why they keep building and building.

There is a common theory going on that the lofty have purposely created their thoroughly incomprehensible system in order to keep people out of their society. I mean... how... I buy something and then... they give me money..? Why? Then I... what? HOW?


Vayandil says:

We are yet to see a nugget ourselves, so I had to draw from descriptions again. The nuggets that sometimes plummet down to ground are quickly retrieved or hunted down if a commoner decides to take one home. We do not know why the lofty are so crazy protective over money they do not seem to want to own. It is possible they simply do not want us commoners to touch their stuff.