#254 Oasis of Sereneries

May 7, 2021
Last stop before home!


There it is! The final stop of our Exotic and Adventurous Do-It-Yourself Trip!

Oasis of Sereneries!
A fitting way to wash away our travel fatigue before heading back home.

An old ad in our travel brochure:
“Home burned down? No worries! Bring your family to the Oasis for a vacation! Let your kids ride the slide* while you enjoy the local refreshments**! Don’t be afraid to spend whatever is left of your savings!”
**Money required

The slide is free? That sounds great!
Two slides?!!
That’s twice the free!


Gheralf says:

This looks like a great place to spend our one money!


You know the one!


Vayandil says:

Times have changed since that old ad was made...

Or they just took artistic liberties to deliver an ideal, rather than the truth.

I do that a lot in my art, too.