#125 Of Jollyhoot and Buffet

November 16, 2018
This is a comic about Buffet and jollyhoots.


Back when Buffet was being founded, “Jollyhoot” meant balancing your free time and work. New people flocked in from far and wide to live by it.

Except this gal, “Free time’s stupid!”

Being jollyhoot was completely discretionary, but she didn’t realise it and started working in secret.
It might have worked better if she hadn’t done it on other people’s houses.



Gheralf says:

There were few rare drawings of houses and things that we found from the old days. For some reason, everything was really blocky back then. Just look at those sippy mugs!


Vayandil says:

The individual in this comic was a real person, whose mugs we found in an archive of official complaints. Yes, mugs, as in multiple drawings of her face, since quite a lot of people in her neighbourhood had complained about her nightly racket.