#140 Ogler Theory

March 1, 2019
You can’t become a master ogler without mastery of oglery.


On the tower, a debate rose about the most imposing face. It was time to go back down and settle the matter.

This started a long series of seminars in an attempt to find a mutual consensus on what makes for a stirring expression.

Listeners criticized that the seminars were boring. So they changed the format to something more interactive.
It got so popular they forgot to return all their newfound knowledge back to the tower.



Gheralf says:

Mark my words, that kid went places!

Even if Vayandil just made her up for the comic. She can still go places in my imagination!


Vayandil says:

Expressive skill shows were such a silly trend. Nowadays we only have sensible things to watch, like boot hurling and prize fighting!

These seminars were actually the starting point to the heraldry studies (comic #76) that are mandatory for all Buffet citizens today. Goes to show how far away from the original purpose they strayed.

Big Sister

Big Sister says:

This week's comics show us how one may survive in the apocalypse:

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The Devil's Own – Dominic is second generation Devil's Own, a cadre of dhampir soldiers whose sole duty is to protect their vampire Lord, Damien, from threats within and without. When visitors arrive from the United Territories his world gets turned on its ear. Rated Mature for violence and language.

6-Commando – Mike-One-Echo is a giant robotic tank designed to win an atomic war, but he wasn't supposed to start one. Programmed with the highest ideals of mankind and the weaponry to end civilization, he is now on a mission to execute one last program: to save as many people as he can - no matter whose side they're on - from the ravages of the war he started, and from themselves.