#276 One More Wonder

October 1, 2021
That’s one stuffed dragon.


Cacko crying because she forgot to take pictures of all the wonders Stygian Lord showed her.
Stygian Lord: “Don’t worry about it. I saved the best for last.”

Cacko alarmed by a terrifying noise.
Stygian Lord: “Please disregard the terror-inducing sound.”

Cacko, Deecee and Stygian Lord next to a cave entrance. The terrifying sound is coming from inside.
Sound effect: Hhrrrfffffhhrrrffff

Cacko and Stygian Lord walking inside the cave. The sound is even stronger.

Cacko and Stygian Lord standing next to an inflated dragon. The sound is coming from the dragon.
Stygian Lord: “See?”
Stygian Lord: “Harmless.”
Stygian Lord: “For now.”

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Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Very breath-taking.