#29 Ore for a Shield

January 13, 2017
Some things are not meant to be, but somebody will have to try it out before we can know that.


The realm around the city can be a hazardous place. Adventurers must arm themselves before heading out into the wilderness.

Materials are hard to come by. A blacksmith will have to make due with what is available. A stone slab should make a fine shield!

The customer disagrees.


Gheralf says:

At least she didn’t try working with cob.

Some adventurers have realised that they can sell scrap metal and equipment they find on their travels to smiths. This is good since it helps bring lost materials back into the city.

There are also piles of stuff lying around in the slums. Some smiths are known to traverse there to scavenge thrown-out materials. But honestly, what good can you expect to find from a pile of trash?


Vayandil says:

I decided to try drawing less details and backgrounds this time around. I want to find a balance for when more details are needed and when less is the better way to go. In a sense, every new comic has been – and will be – a learning experience. Maybe someday I will be able to draw and sleep at the same time!