#260 Over the Plains

June 11, 2021
Get over it, Plains! We got over you, too!


Our luggage fits well into the magic carpet's cargo hold! The final stretch of our trip should be a breeze now!

Now all that is left is to sit down and enjoy the ride. And the view!

We sure saw a lot of places.
Derby Ranch, The Burrows, La Glamorous Pits, Fluff Highway, Good Riddance, Oasis of Sereneries...

...it was a good trip.
We give it solid three hoots out of five.
And Cacko gives it one high thumb!


Gheralf says:

Looking from the ground, it felt like there was not much around.

But looking from up here, there’s so much.


Vayandil says:

Things that lowered our score:

– No warnings about prairie chickens.

– Lost our steed. (But got that back again.)

– Lost Cacko. (But got her back again.)

– Lacking safety measures during a battle reenactment.

– Had to travel to Buffet and back in two days. All just for bananas.

– No mention about non-prairie chickens.

– Scary heights! (But we got over it.)

– Advice for Chicky Fluffballs was not very effective.

– Wide load.

– Chicky stole my hat.

– Bad naming conventions.

– Disappointing bug-to-peep ratio.

– Terrifying sleeping conditions.

– Nobody warned about the forest fire everybody knew about.

– Too limited hat selection.

– Harvain's story got no closure.

Due to these reasons we had to dock two hoots from the final rating.

...On the other hand, we got Cacko moving again and she became an exemplary assistant reporter!

So, hmm, should we actually give six hoots?

...I do not know anymore.