#258 Owner of the Oasis

May 28, 2021
It turns out the owner of the oasis was no owner at all!


The oasis was first occupied by one Harvain Treestarer. Tired of the perilous life of an adventurer, he decided to retire to this oasis he had discovered on his journeys.

One day, a merchant came by. She wanted a spot at Harvain’s luxury oasis and was suspiciously eager to pay for it.

Harvain did not own the oasis, of course. But that did not stop the overly zealous merchant from shoving coins at his face.
And she was not alone. More merchants ensued. They were aplenty, and all equally as eager to pile up coins of various values onto poor Harvain.

Harvain was devastated by the abduction of his serene retreat. Burdened by his newly acquired loot (or perhaps just by old hoarding habit), he left. And never came back.
Not long after his departure, myriads of refugees arrived, fleeing from the first known forest fire in the history of the Plains.


Gheralf says:

I don’t think we’ve seen this fellow for a looooong time, but from the Aviatar’s description I’d recognise those eyebrows anywhere.

We based that previous comic on an adventurer that was around quite some time ago. So this is what happened to him!


Vayandil says:

Aviatar's one-word-per-sentence speech is not ideal for captivating storytelling, so Gheralf opted to translate it. Admittedly it was a bit disturbing, hearing a single word from Aviatar and then a dozen words from Gheralf as an instant translation.