#22 Painting the Lords

November 25, 2016
The stately storage is flooded with paintings thanks to these guys.


The royal Paint-bearers work day in and day out to capture the visage of every Lord of the Realm.

There is no lack of Paint-bearers. Das Law states that anybody training to become one shall receive a complimentary lens as a part of their education.

Considering the job’s low wage, surely this is a testament to how much people value their lenses.


Gheralf says:

It has become a common practice to apply as a Paint-bearer at some point in a median’s life. You train for a few seasons, paint the lords a few more, and then get back to your normal life with some shiners, experience and your complimentary lens. Parents like to encourage their children to go through this experience.

Aside from that, I think that it is a bit strange how nobody wants to be the royal Count-bearer, but there is no lack of royal Paint-bearers. Perhaps people just hate money that much?


Vayandil says:

Yes, working as a Paint-bearer was how I got my drawing lens. The job was a very educational period in my life, as I learned to hate painting with other people. I coped, because there were lords to paint and a valuable lens to earn. After I got out of there, I started to draw a lot so I could learn to do something other besides fur-rimmed sleeves and hands.