#74 Paper Remaking

November 24, 2017
These papermakers are responsible for most of the paper remaking.


Our dear readers may remember all the chaff resulting from hobos and their card games.

Paper Rollers Operationals has discovered a way to reassemble all those leftovers into more paper.

Paper becoming more paper? Won’t believe it till we see it!
Oh come on!


Gheralf says:

Well, that was a huge waste of time. Who do these people think they are? The Scholar-pioneers?

On the bright side, the mystery of the disappearing paper chaff is now solved.


Vayandil says:

Even more baffling is that they use the exact same facility to manufacture both remade sheets as well as brand new paper! Alas, we could not shed any kind of light on the processes they use, so this and the previous comic are regrettably short on proper amount of info.