#73 Papermaking

November 17, 2017
These papermakers are responsible for most of the paper.


This building that runs along the wall of Buffet belongs to a major papermaker, the Paper Rollers Operationals.

The papermaking process is kept secret. All we really know is that it requires trees and bananas.

At least, that is our best guess...
...based on the articles they are hauling in the other end of the building.


Gheralf says:

We are not completely sure whether the process of papermaking is an important secret, or the workers are just really really shy. Their long bunker has a ridiculous amount of Watchstoppers just waiting to hop in front of you with their arms extended if you as much as dare to wander nearby. Even regular customers like us do not get a break.


Vayandil says:

I happen to be a loyal customer to the Paper Rollers Operationals, having bought their sheets for years. They are the only papermaker in town providing just the right sizes, just the right texture and just right shade of yellowish-brown-white, but I mainly buy them because they are sold just around the corner.