#194 Parking Burrow

March 13, 2020
Hundreds of fowls underground? Better have some great ventilation!


After a riding trip, it’s time to deposit your derby into a dedicated, highly ventilated “parking burrow”.

Every floor’s entrance is guarded by a “park buggie” who keeps track of available space. Seems this floor is full.

Good thing there are plenty more floors. The search continues!
And continues...
And continues...

Finally, a floor with some space! At least, that’s according to the park buggie’s calculations...


Gheralf says:

I sure am glad we don’t live here. The trek back up on foot was horrible.

Is what I would like to say, but..! The villagers have built a solution regarding the walking problems with the parking burrow. More on that in the next comic!


Vayandil says:

How many derbies do these guys have?! There must be more steeds than there are riders in the village! I do not wonder anymore how Fifi the Derber Qonceror (introduced in comic #175) stays in business, assuming every single derby here is bought from him...