#286 Partisans

December 10, 2021
Opposition, meet your opposition.


Marching guard: “This is easy! There’s only one hole to fill!”

Stygian Lord: “Now you know our opponent: The guards, detectives and jesters of the Das Law Enforcement Party. Now let me introduce you to the spine of the Stygian Parliament.“

Stygian Lord: “The Partisans. Hand-picked for their aptitude. Well-trained and equipped. To handle many responsibilities and situations.”

Stygian Lord: “Ready to strike at any time. In fact, we already have. At a completely different location.”

Stygian Lord

Stygian Lord says:

Well, there are also the spies that you saw pop up from the ground a while ago. And a bunch of other folks in the tower, including the good old Captain of the Guard.

We’ll get to them later.