#142 Patching the Wall

March 15, 2019
The more you want things to stay out, the more other things get in.


Back on the ground, the flood was finally over and all water had been drained out of Buffet.
Medians fixed the wall quickly before any of the losers decided to creep in.

A small hole was left to ensure that any future downpours would kindly exit the city in a proper and civilized manner.

A very unfortunate time to not foresee the coming of the Great Blargh-Glurg-Urp!



Gheralf says:

It used to be a common game among children to try and say the Great Blargh-Glurp-Urp’s name ten times in a row as fast as possible. Want to try it with me? Great Blargh-Glurg-Urp, Great Blargh-Glurp-Urp, Great Blagh-Glup-Urp, Greablargh-Glur-Urp, Greablrblubrublurblblb, GRABLHBLBHUBGBUBLB.


Vayandil says:

Only verbal depictions remain of the Great Blargh-Glurg-Urp and theories of its origins vary. One plausible theory is that it was a combination of a rainstorm, tornado and earthquake, all of them distinct individuals until they united right in the middle of Buffet.